A Day To Remember - All I Want

- 1 again ! If I keep going like this I will be at my goal-weight in 4 weeks. Losing it has been pretty “simple”, has been going pretty good is maybe a better way to put it. Keeping it off will be a WHOLE other story with summer coming up. But I’m keeping the soda & cookies away, have been eating vegetarian once or twice a week & keeping the gluten on a low. So far so good, feeling much better already. Too bad weight always goes off the wrong places. I saw a picture today, that I freaking made of myself & posted, where my hips were just “what?!” - they freaking look like they were made by freaking God in function of bearing a child (you guys know that saying?) - Pretty god damn annoying, but yeah I guess I can’t schrink my hipbones haha.
TMI, not a single fuck was given ! :D